October 3, 2011 · 73 Comments

Welcome to my inaugural blog! I’ve blogged before, don’t get me wrong, but this is the first time I’ve had a blog of my own. It’s time. I have things to share and I need my own place to post them. Speaking of which, I’m throwing a pajama party at Feral House and you’re all invited! Trivia questions with tons of book prizes, tiny teasers from Ecstasy Untamed, and, perhaps, a visit from a Feral or two. Click here for the Invitation. I also have other fun things planned in celebration of the upcoming release of Ecstasy Untamed. Would you like me to send you a signed postcard of the Ecstasy Untamed book cover (anywhere in the world)? Just fill out the form on my website’s Luck page and I’ll get it in the mail.

So, what’s going on in the writing world of Pamela Palmer? A lot. As mentioned, the sixth book in the Feral Warriors shape-shifter series, Ecstasy Untamed, comes out Oct. 25th…just three weeks! This one is Hawke’s book as he battles the ravages of the spirit trap and of his heart when the woman of his dreams arrives at Feral House…the intended mate of the newest Feral. If you can’t wait for the 25th to take a look, the first chapter is on my website, now.

In addition to the Feral Warriors, I’ll be publishing the last two books in my Esri series for Harlequin Nocturne this winter/spring. I’m so glad they’re finally coming out! The series began with The Dark Gate and Dark Deceiver and is the story of the invasion of our world by the immortal, man-sized Esri (the creatures at the heart of the legends of fairies and elves), and the handful of humans immune to Esri enchantment–the only ones who can stop them. Book 3, A Warrior’s Desire, has a January 24th release date, according to Amazon (and Amazon seems to know these things before the authors or publishers). Warrior Rising will be out the end of March. I’ve posted short blurbs of each book on the Coming Next page of my website.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m starting a brand new vampire series. Book 1 in the Vamp City series, A Blood Seduction, will be out the end of May 2012. This will be my first series with continuing characters in the hero/heroine roles, what I term a multi-book romance. I expect the series (or at least this first romantic arc) to be five books in length. I just finished writing the first book, but I’ve already seen the cover art and it’s gorgeous. As soon as I can show you (probably after the new year), I will!

Meanwhile, I’ve just started writing book 7 in the Feral Warriors series, but you’ll have to wait until December 1st for the reveal of the hero. I’m not telling, yet! My plan is to alternate the Feral Warriors and Vamp City books, so expect plenty more of both.

To kick off this blog in the right way, I think we need a giveaway. What do you think? Tell me how you found me here today (newsletter? Twitter? Facebook?) for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Hunger Untamed. (I use random.org random number generator to choose my winners.)

Thanks for stopping by!

73 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. CJ Snyder

    Hi Pamela,
    I’m writing to invite you to promote Ecstasy Untamed
    in a guest blog at RomCon. You would have the option of offering an original blog or a sneak peak of your new release to our avid romance readers. If you’re interested, please contact the Blog Mistress at Admin@RomConInc.com. Thanks!

    CJ Snyder
    Blog Assistant
    “Where Readers Rule”

  2. Tiffany Wiley

    The new series sounds great! Looking forward to reading it and more from the Feral Warriors. I heard about ur blog from ur newsletter.

  3. sue brandes

    I found your blog through your newsletter. You are very busy. Looking foward to your new vamp series too. Thanks for giving away signed postcards too. I love author swag just as much as i love books. LOL.

  4. Alaina

    i found the blog through your newsletter!! (didnt see it posted on facebook).. pj party? i only have cowprint pjs.. are those animal enough? lol

  5. Yordanka

    Hi Pamela 🙂
    I found the blog through the newsletter just a few minutes ago. I really love your Feral Warriors Series and I can’t wait for the Ecstasy Untamed :)))

  6. Jenyfer

    I can’t wait for Hawke’s book I’ve been waiting to read about him ever since I started reading your series. I heard about this blog from your newsletter!

  7. Carol L

    Yeahhh, I’m so glad you now have a blog Pamela. And so very excited about Hawk’s story coming. Wonderful for all of us readers that you’re so busy lol. I can’t wait to read the new Vamp series. Thank you for this opportunity Pamela and Congrats on all your new and up coming releases.I found out about your blog and the great PJ party through your newsletter this morning.And most definitely waiting to meet any Feral Warriors who show up. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. susan60625

    Love the blog! I’ll be checking in quite frequently! Love to have the latest news to share with my friends. I’ll let the rest of your Sands gang fans know about it!

  9. Griz1Girl

    You have made my day! I LOVE your series–ALL of them! You’re super-talented & a joy to read. I can’t wait for more great stories. 🙂

  10. Sin

    Hi Pamela..

    Just saw my newsletter and had to check out your blog 🙂 Love it. Looking forward not only to the “pajama party” but more of the feral series.

  11. JJ

    Hi Pamela,

    I found your blog from your newsletter. I can’t wait for Ecstacy Untamed and am excited for your new Vamp City series.

  12. Amy Valentini

    Congrats on the new blog, I got here through your newsletter. I’m nearly as excited about the Pajama Party as the release of ECSTASY UNTAMED … October is going to be a very good month. Sharing your new blog on mine to help spread the word. : )

  13. Na

    Hi Pamela,

    Happy Blog Launch! I already won Hunger Untamed from you (can’t wait until it arrives) but wanted to wish you all the best. I landed here from your FB page.

  14. margaret whelehan

    congrats on the new blog. I got it from both twitter and your newsletter. I would love to win hunger untamed.

  15. Ada H

    Love the new blog, Pamela!! Linked up off Facebook! I can’t tell what the best part is, the PJ party invite or that you’ll be revealing the newest book hero on my birthday. You sure know what to give a girl 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  16. Emily Tardy

    I found this blog on Twitter, I have problems actually getting some newsletters, I’ll just add myself again =D

  17. Tamara Hoffa

    Found your blog through your FB page. Can’t wait for Hawke’s book, and the new vampire series looks really good too!

  18. Maria

    Congrats on the new blog! 🙂
    Had to read it an leave a comment after finishing your newsletter and signing up for the postcard of Ecstasy Untamed! <3

    Yay! More Ferals! ^^

    1. Christiana

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  19. Barbara

    Hey, Pamela! I found your blog through your newsletter…looking good! Can’t wait for the PJ party! Sshh…don’t tell my hubby…Oct 11 is our 20th wedding anniversary. He doesn’t need to know I’ll be attending a Ferral gabfest! LOL! 😀


  20. Kylie Griffin

    Hi Pamela, welcome to the world of individual blogging! 🙂 Watch out, it can be addictive.

    I follow you on Facebook and saw your announcement about your blog and PJ party there!

    Looking forward to reading all your news and announcements on your blog.

  21. JackieW

    I found your blog today because my sister told me I should check it out…nice.It looks like you have been a busy writer…I’ll be sure to visit again.

    1. Sukey

      You were in fact never to order more than one beer in Aberdeen and, though there were also severe linguistic barriers to be overcome there, alas, I never saw the root cause as being the language issue ps you can also expect a bit of a going over by Sister Brightmore when next she visits … she speaks rather very highly of Asian nurses, most especially the Philipino ones, in her own oriagisatnon …

    1. Regina

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  22. Chatel Casto

    Congrats on the blog!! Found your blog through your Facebook page. Just found your Feral Warriors Series a few weeks ago and I absolutely Love them!! Can’t wait for more.

  23. DebW

    Hi Pamela

    Love those Ferals, seems like it’s been forever, counting the time before Hawke’s story would come out. Ecstasy Untamed, is going to be awesome.

    Looking forward to the other series as well

  24. Jecca Zinder

    I love the Feral Warriors this seres just gets better and better am devouring them like a hungry animal…er Feral.

  25. Mina Gerhart

    I origionally (sp?) found your website after reading some of your Feral Warriors series, then signed up for your newsie.
    I found the contest in your newsie.
    Love your Feral Warriors & can’t wait for Ecstasy Untamed to be released.

    Mindy 🙂

  26. Christy Mitchiner

    OH, Pamela, you just made my day!!! Lookit at all the books that you are writing!! SQUEEE!!! It makes up for teasing me about who the next Feral Warrior book will be about! I got your newsletter for this awesome new blog!

    Jag Lover,

  27. Deb Blumenstein

    Heard of your blog via PP newsletter via e-mail. Can’t wait for the next Feral! TY for this tremendous series…

    1. Stretch

      Hi, listen, I'm pretty new on this blogosphere and Internet thing, so I don't know if there's a sort of &quto;subscription" method that I can use in order to receive notifications of your new entries…? Thing is I enjoy reading your blog a lot and I'd like to be up to date with your posts!

  28. Crystal ♥

    Hi Pamela, so glad to see your own blog up! I found your blog through, well all three! LoL Newsletter, FaceBook and Twitter. Can’t wait for Ecstasy Untamed and your new vamp series sounds awesome!

  29. Gigi

    Hi Pamela,
    Iam so glad to see you join the world of blogging.
    I found my way her today by way of your newsletter.
    I am bookmarking the page for safe keeping.

  30. Bonnie

    Hi Pamela,
    I really like your blog and I’m super excited for the pj party.
    I found your blog from your news letter.
    Thank you for the awesome entertaining books you write.

  31. Carlyn McKechnie

    Congrats on the new blog! I’m a big fan of the feral warriors and I can’t wait to read the new vampire series 🙂 Don’t know if i’ll be able to make the pyjama party since it will be 3am over here in Scotland! I will try to stay awake though 🙂 I found out through the newsletter.

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  32. Lindsey E

    I signed up for your newsletter so I would stay up to date on releases. Without Borders coming soon page I have been lost. I hope to attend the pajama party.

  33. Jenny

    I found your blog through the newsletter. I can’t wait for Hawke’s story and the new series sounds interesting!

  34. Pamela Post author

    Love all your replies and Iove that you’re excited about the party…and the books!

    If you’re not able to make the party, just check the blog when you can. You’ll still be able to see everything posted.

  35. Helen


    I soo love The Feral Warriors series and can’t wait to read Hawke’s story Whoo Hoo.
    I found the blog from the wonderful newsletter that I love to read.

    The new series sounds awesome as well

    Have Fun

  36. Cricket

    Soooo excited about all you have going on! You know I’m a huge fan already and am desperately waiting for a feral book on Vypher. But for now I will thoroughly enjoy reading & learning about Hawke, which I know will not disappoint me 😉 You’re a terrific writer & I enjoy your books immensely!

  37. Cricket

    Oops forgot – found blog thru website, forums, newsletter, etc. Everywhere I looked – there it was! 🙂

  38. Annette Court

    Hi loved you first blog, good to hear you have so much new work in the pipeline. I found out about your blog by Facebook & your news letter. Can’t wait for the pajama party, & your next blog post. Bring on Hawk, can’t wait. 🙂

  39. Suzanne

    Hello Pamela. I found your blog via link in newsletter.
    Looking forward to the pajama party.
    I really love those Feral Warriors! Looking forward to many more! Keep up the great work! I have the release date marked on my calendar.

  40. GladysMP

    Your blog seems off to a rousing success! So many visitors already. And the party sounds like great fun. Congratulations!

  41. Sandy Lion

    I am so excited for the new vamp series, the new Feral book and the new Esri book. Lets face it..you rock as a writer. The blog is a great idea and I hope to attend the PJ party.

  42. Michelle Ariza

    Did she say plenty more Feral warriors!!!! I am so excited! Thank you Pamela for great writing!!! I love this series and can not wait for more. Hope I can attend the PJ party!

  43. Anukriti

    Hay! Pamila,

    Congratulation for your new blog, I really love your feral worrier series and waiting desperately for your new book.


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