Next Stop: Vamp City!

June 23, 2015 · 14 Comments

OfBloodandPassion_600x900Fasten your seatbelts! It’s less than a month, now, until the July 14th release of Of Blood and Passion, the final book in the Vamp City saga and the climactic ending to the story NY Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks calls, “An amazing action-packed series”!

From the back cover:

They call her the last sorceress: Quinn Lennox, the only hope of the vampires who are trapped in Vamp City watching their dark otherworld slowly die. But an ancient curse shackles the magic Quinn needs to save not only the vampires she’s come to call friends, come to care for, come to love, but her beloved brother as well. Arturo Mazza, the ruthless vampire who once betrayed Quinn, and has since waged a steady and relentless war upon her heart, vows to help her break the curse. But when the mission requires them to face Cristoff Gonzaga—the brutal and vicious vampire to whom Arturo once pledged undying fealty—Quinn must find a trust in Arturo that will test the very foundations of her soul.

Pre-orders are now available for Kindle and iBooks!

I’ve posted the first chapter of Of Blood and Passion on my website. After you’ve read it, be sure to enter the contest (also on my website) for a chance to win a signed copy of A Kiss of Blood, the second book in my Vamp City series, and Wulfe Untamed, the final book in my Feral Warriors series.

Attention: Bloggers. If you reviewed one or both of the previous Vamp City books on your blog and are interested in reviewing Of Blood and Passion, please email me at, subject line: Vamp City Blogger. I’ll have a free download ready for you as soon as it releases!

And because a lot of you have been asking what I’m working on, I’ll be posting again in a day or two to tell you. (I know, don’t faint. Two blog posts from me in one week!) Stay tuned.

And enjoy the summer!



14 thoughts on “Next Stop: Vamp City!

  1. janelle

    Im waiting for the rest of the books in the feral warrior series such as grizz and vhypers story,love that series.

  2. Paula

    Hi pip,i love your photos.i raced the SJS this weenekd in Gunnedah. i came 3rd in the swim . 5th on the bike and had a really bad run! i am racing again next weenekd.i miss you guys hi uncle justin. good luck in your next race!i also loved your youtube video.lots of love baixxx

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    1. Tisha

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