Vamp City

Washington, V.C. (Vamp City) was created in 1870 by a powerful sorcerer. A vampire utopia, it was an exact replica of the humans' Washington, D.C., but one in which the sun never shone—a world of perpetual twilight where vampires can live openly and safely, free to hunt and feed on the humans brought in for their sustenance and pleasure, a paradise where every vampire can, if he wants to, own his own house and his own blood slaves. The vampires have always been free to come and go from this paradise as they wished until the magic began to fade, the world began to crumble, and paradise turned into a death trap.

Only another sorcerer can renew the magic and save them all, but the sorcerers have been hunted to near extinction and dark, dangerous vampire, Arturo Mazza, despairs of finding a savior. Then Quinn Lennox, a human with no knowledge of her magical heritage, wanders in on a sunbeam as she searches for a lost friend. She's the one Arturo's been looking for…the savior…if she'll help them. If Arturo can keep her alive that long.

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