RWA 2012 Anaheim

August 4, 2012 · 11 Comments

Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, and I at the Literacy Signing

I’m home from Anaheim and, six days later, finally firmly back on east coast time. What a blast, though! Southern California has the most gorgeous weather. The Anaheim Marriott, where the convention took place, was practically within walking distance of Disneyland, and while I never quite got to Disneyland, I did sneak away one evening with my roommate and critique partner, Laurin Wittig, for drinks and beignets in Downtown Disney.

While days were spent in meetings and workshops, the nights were the most fun. Wednesday night was the Literacy Signing, all proceeds going to charity and over 500 authors signing. Crazy! But always fun.

Thursday night, five authors, two Avon editors, and a member of the Avon Books publicity team traveled to the incredible Cerritos Library for a panel, book signing, and a tour of the most incredible library I’ve ever seen.

Laurin Willig, Sarah MacLean, Lori Wilde, me, Alma Katsu at the Cerritos Library

Friday night was the fabulous Avon Party at Maestro’s Beach club in Newport Beach.

 I’m back home, writing like a fiend before my next trip, New Orleans for Authors After Dark this coming Wednesday. Hope to see some of you there!


11 thoughts on “RWA 2012 Anaheim

  1. Lynda Johnson

    this website is lame – I just read Ecstasy Untamed which was published in 2011 and wanted to know when the next Feral Warrior Novel would be released but found nothing except a re -issue book about Cupid?

    The latest comments seem to be about Jag and Delaney’s pregnancy – nothing about Hawke and the next Feral Warriors – Vyper/Wulfe? I thought I was going to find specific information – again I was grossed out by how many people live and post on blogs just to see their own comments posted.

    I loved this serious but how am I supposed to follow it f I can find no specific info. Thanks in Advane

  2. Ananth

    I am totally gritvtaaing toward the Real Simple version in purple! Which, in theory, doesn’t fit me at all. But I love the lines and just the small subtle gathering in only the corners! The purple works in their greyish and white room, but no purple for me!

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