And the Hero of the next Feral Warriors book is…

December 1, 2011 · 63 Comments

Everyone keeps asking me, “Which Feral’s book is next??” Today I’m going to tell you.

First let me explain that I’m plotting the next three books in the Feral Warriors series simultaneously. Like usual, the main romance of each will be resolved in that book. But also as usual, the external plot will continue from book to book, and the action of the next three books promises to be intense, continuing the story arc that began with the arrival of the new Ferals.

The other thing I keep hearing from readers lately is, “Please let the next book be Wulfe’s!” If you’ve been reading the series, then you know I’ve been setting up Wulfe’s story. Wulfe is such a sweetheart, and yet so badly scarred, both inside and out. That Feral needs a happily-ever-after. And he’ll get one.


Wulfe’s story arc will be increasingly important to the overall plot of these next three books. But, as such, it won’t be wrapped up in book 7. Or even book 8.

So, rather than leave you in suspense about when Wulfe will get his book, I’m going to break my own rule and tell you the heroes of the next three Feral Warrior books. They are:

Book 7 — Fox

Book 8 — Grizz

Book 9 — Wulfe

Rest assured, I have wild things planned for all three of these Ferals! Wulfe, especially. You’ll get to know more and more about him in the next couple of books. So stay tuned for book 7, Fox’s book, in late 2012.

In the meantime, you might want to give my Esri series for Nocturne a try. It’s about the invasion of Washington, D.C. by the Esri, the creatures at the heart of the legends of fairies and elves — the man-sized, malicious beings who’ve been locked out of our world for fifteen hundred years and have only just discovered their way back in. Their mission? To enslave the human race. And only a handful of humans who can’t be enchanted have any chance of stopping them…if they realize what’s going on in time.

My first two Esri books, The Dark Gate and Dark Deceiver, came out a few years ago and are only available in e-version or as used books, though you should be able to get your hands on them. I’ve posted excerpts of each on my website. The last two in the series, A Warrior’s Desire and Warrior Rising, will be out the end of January and March, respectively. You’ll find more info on the Coming Next page of my website.

And the end of May, watch for my first vampire book. A Blood Seduction begins the five-book continuing-character Vamp City series — a dark, exciting, vampire romance. Here’s another goody to put on your calendar: Dec. 5th (four days from now), I’m posting a very early sneak peek of this book on Lori Devoti’s blog as part of her 30 Days of Vampires celebration.

That’s all the news for now! It’s time for me to return to my writing cave. The Ferals — Fox, Grizz, and Wulfe, in particular — are waiting.

Go feral!

63 thoughts on “And the Hero of the next Feral Warriors book is…

  1. Coni Inglis

    Just got Ecstasy Untamed and finished it in 4 days flat, for me that’s unheard of…lol..Pamela so the best feral book so far in the series..I LOVED IT! Can’t wait till next year for Fox’s story. Thank you so much for the Ferals.

  2. Debi

    I’m waiting on Wulf &it has to be Nat’s story… But I think Foxx &Mel (&she has to be his HEA) is going to be too fun. Hope to learn more about Gizz in the next one.

    But Pamela did you have to leave us with that cliff hanger at the end of Ecstacy Untamed… I just about cried. I kept thinking that isn’t how she’s leaving the storyline. Thought maybe book #7 was coming up soon. I was going to head over to and preorder it… Now boohoo I have the long wait… Oh but it’ll be worth it!

  3. Claire

    Thank you so much for giving me somthing to read while my hero was at war. I was so excited to find these books! Every phone call I got during the deployment I would tell my husband plots and names and he would laugh at me, And I cant tell you how awesome it was to hear my warrior laugh! Thank you so much for helping me find my reading nich! I look forward to many nights of future reading!

  4. SolarHeels

    I simply can’t wait for the next Feral Warriors book. I don’t know how you do it but they keep getting better and better. When I read the books I can’t finish them fast enough. Like many others, I’d really like to know if you’ll do a story on Viper but I can’t wait to see what happens with Wulf and Natalie. Bring on 2012!!

  5. Carol

    What about Kara?????? I am excited about Wulfe and I like how you are dragging it out, it will be so worth it when I read his book. I am not sure I want to wait that long though Fox’s book doesn’t come out for almost a year. You’re awesome!

  6. PJ

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I came across your Feral Warriors series about two months ago. I have read all 6 (the last one in just two days). I am really looking forward to the rest of them. I love the overall plot, but it’s just sad that the warriors can’t catch a break 🙂
    Thanks again, really love your work!!

  7. Bridget

    I’m so excited for the new book! Hopefully that little thing going on between Fox and Mel will blossom into something way more! <3

  8. Kalkidan

    love the ferals…all of them!!! but i need to know if vhyper is gonna get his own book!! cant wait for the rest of them!!

  9. Teri Standridge

    Excitement builds waiting on the next books to come out. I have read each one multiple times & love them all. So looking forward to the next three coming out.Your feral books are GREAT. Thank you for writing them.

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  10. Joanne

    Thank you so much for the heads up on the three books coming late 2012. I have to agree with one of the other loyal readers – Vhyper is my favorite as well followed by Jag.

    Can’t wait for the new Foxx story and Grizz’s. Grizz is on the bad side but still has a tender side and I can not wait to see how his book is written. Wulfe – can’t wait for him and Nat to get back together (well it’s like they had a bond after being rescued).

    Thank you and can not wait for the books to come out I hope they come out close together. I usually read your books in 4 hours. The kiddos (husband and 3 boys) know when I read that nothing gets done and it is a FFY day (fend for yourself).

    1. Susy

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  11. Haunani

    Love all the Warriors sooo much! Some of the back stories are heartbreaking, but Love always triumph, which makes me just know that all will be well:)I look forward to foxes story and will follow your Feral Warriors where ever their paths lead.

    1. Alexandra

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  12. Skarlath

    Love the fact that Foxx finally gets a turn. Cant wait for wolf. And I appearently rushed through Ecstacy untamed way too fast..cause..where did Grizz come from?I mean..I love that we are getting a burr ((bear)) in there, but..hrrrm..I missed this. Bad Skarlath. By the way, while it prolly not gonna be a popular thing, I just..cant help but through it out there..Maybe one of the upcoming books..the feral could I mean..That would be a doozy in and of it’s own, but like..take Grizz…I’m assuming grizzly by the name..a tough HUUUUGE man, prolly bigger than even Wulfe if my mind pictures him right..and he meets his love..a tough guy. It could so work! And there needs to be more big guys in fiction like this so…*Skar shrugs and tial wags* Just a suggestion Pamela. Whatever happens, I”m a fan for life. ow back to rereading about hawke…..cause I apperently missed alot.

  13. Steph

    I just have a few questions about Delaney’s pregnancy, how long are women pregnant for? Is giving birth a dangerous thing, like most don’t survive or is it more like humans giving birth? I am just wondering because so far in the series you have stated that the enclaves aren’t swarming with kids. There are only a few if that at a time.

  14. Big Red


    I love all your Ferals, Jag is my Favorite. 🙂
    I want to know if Wulfe ends up with Natalie!!!! Please?! You need not tell me details but just a simple yes or no would do just fine. Yes? No?

  15. Lydia

    Well Pamela may I say I have just finished a love untamed and I bloody cant wait for the next two books (grizz and woulfe) in the series Hurry up!!!! I absolutely love this series and I’m dying to know what happens! thank you for your wonderful writing it has been a joy so far and truly cant wait for the rest xx


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