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Finally! Hawke has arrived.

I’ve been waiting for this day with as much anticipation as a lot of you have, which might seem kind of odd. After all, I’ve read the book. More than read it. I wrote it.

You know that anticipation you feel when you’ve bought…or even better, made…what you hope is the perfect gift for someone very, very special? You’ve spent hours thinking about this gift, searching for it or working on it, wrapping it up prettily. And now you’re on pins and needles, waiting for them to open it, hoping they like it as much as you think they will.

Release day for an author is just like that. It’s filled with anticipation, joy, and yes, a touch of nerves. Just a touch because, so far, the reviewers are loving Ecstasy Untamed. And I’m breathing so much easier.

The thing is, I never know if the book I’ve written is any good. Never. My mom doesn’t get this. “How can you not know?” But I can’t. Certainly not right after I’ve written it. I’m way too close. And think about it–I’m seeing scenes, hearing dialogue, feeling emotions. But I have to distill all that into words–words you take into your brain and transform into pictures and action and emotions. Did it work? Only you know.

Writing often feels like sculpting in the dark to me. That’s why I work with two critique partners, trusted writer friends who read everything I write, even before my editor sees it. They’re my first set of eyes. They see clearly where my sculpture needs a little more work or a little smoothing of rough edges. My editor is my second.

You’re my third, and the ones who really matter, because it’s for you that I write. So let me know if you enjoy the book. And if you do enjoy it, let others know, too, please? Word of mouth is everything when it comes to books.

Go feral!


17 thoughts on “ECSTASY UNTAMED Is Here!

  1. Amy Valentini

    Congrats on the release, Pamela! Yes, word of mouth is everything so that’s why I’m helping by spreading the word. Tomorrow, Oct 26, on UNWRAPPING ROMANCE, I’ll be talking about shape-shifters and believe me, the Ferals will be front and center! Love the Ferals. Can’t wait to read Hawke’s story. <3

  2. Cricket

    Book is great Pamela! Job well done! I would have liked it to be a little longer but hey 😉 good job describing Hawke’s predicament & Faith’s involvement. Storyline took a very nice turn (with exception of very end but that will be resolved in the next one I assume) with new characters involved. Overall, I’m pleased. Thanks again!

  3. Debbie Hogg

    I picked up my copy of the latest Feral Warriors book the day before it was officially released. All I can say is WOW. Pamela you have done it again!! Cheers.

  4. gloria

    I have per-order this book, Can’t wait untill the book cmes.I have read all your books.I love your books.keep up the good work. gloria

  5. Stephanie Pittrell

    OMG! This was an awesome read, I’m a bit sad about one thing that happens which is making me anticipate the next book soooo much more. Great Book, Pamela! Keep them coming. Cant wait for the next Feral Warriors book or Esri Series. They are very exciting.

    1. Roxanna

      Tak Alle 4.Lis, den bliver ret nem, lover jeg! og Pelsulden, det er altsÃ¥ en lektie, den skal du kende. Den er sÃ¥ peKa.kterfrin, glæder mig til vi ses pÃ¥ lørdag, min tur gÃ¥r med bus fra Valby til Aars 5 og en halv time. Umm strikketid 😉

  6. Lavonne Page

    I just finished Hawkes story and was blown away. It was amazing. When will the next one be out? I hope it will be Wulfes story.

  7. mj

    Excellent book! You’ve outdone yourself this time! I loved all of the feral warriors but Hawke’s story kept me on the edge of my seat right up to the end… I love the way you give us just a hint of future possibilities.
    When the next one is ready for pre-order, it shall also be mine! The day it is released! Mwah-ha-ha…

  8. Artie

    I cannot wait to read! I love Hawke so much! But I was so sure the next book was Wulfe’s. Oh well I’m so glad I get to read about Hawke. And the title seems to fit him perfectly!

  9. jacquelyne johnston

    i love the book and the entire series i cant wait for the next book please hurry…. i tell everyone i know who is into paranormal books to read this series. thank u for giving me some incredible reading

  10. Sylvia Haenga

    OMG, Hawkes book was awesome, have just finish reading it, and as always you’ve out done yourself. It was sad to read that Kara has disappeared and Roar is going crazy not knowing where she is. I hope that she will be once again reunited with Lyon in the next book. Please let it be Wulfe’s book next or will it be Fox’s & Melisande’s book next?

  11. Raven

    I loved this one it was a great addition to the rest. I hope Wulfes is next! I have been waiting for his from the beginning 🙂

  12. Deloris Stewart

    Dear Pamela, I truely have enjoyed your work(Feral Warrior Series). Your said you were working on three story-lines at once… will they be published at once or will you space them out? I hope if you space them out it isn’t too far apart. And I am, like everyone eles, anticipating Wulf’s story, love, happy ending. I love all the characters and have just learned about the novella. Will be purchasing it, if my Barnes & Noble has it in stock.


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