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Appearances and News

October 18, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Join me TODAY (Oct. 19th-21st) on Goodreads Bookclub ‘Ask An Author, Win A Book Corner’.

Below is my web appearance schedule for next week. If you’re collecting signed Ferals (the books, not the guys), I’m giving away signed books at every event, so be sure to visit and comment!

10/24 – Paranormal Haven –

10/25 – My Bookish Ways –

10/26 – Fresh Fiction –

10/27 – Romancing the Book –


In book news, Desire Untamed is still just $1.99 for ereaders. This price won’t last and may be disappearing any day, so if you want the e-version, grab it quick.

I also discovered yesterday that Barnes and Noble has my first vampire book, A BLOOD SEDUCTION (A VAMP CITY NOVEL) up for pre-order already at a fabulous price. $4.88 for the mass market paperback! Here’s the link:

Less than a week until the release of Ecstasy Untamed!

Thanks! (And Winners)

October 13, 2011 · 1 Comment

Thanks for making the Pajama Party at Feral House so much fun! Loved ‘seeing’ everyone.

Below is the list of winners. If you didn’t email Kim with your address, please email me at so that I can get your book in the mail!

Gloria B. from NY

Stephanie A. from WA

Carla G. from NY

Shannon C. from NY

Susan B. from TX

Cindy C. from GA

Jennifer S. from GA

Chloe H. from IL

Reava W. from IA

Margaret W. from NY

Amy B. from NC

Kerry P. from NV

Ashley F. from NY

Elizabeth H. from KS

Angela S. from AR

Evan B. from TX

Natasha S. from FL

Khelsey J. from NV

Alaina A. from Canada

Na S. from Canada

Helen G. from CA

Arantza R. from Spain

Jenyfer H. from HI

Diane S. from NJ

Tiffany K.


Chatel C.



Welcome to the Pajama Party at Feral House!

October 11, 2011 · 845 Comments

It’s Party Time!

Come in, come in. Step through the door of the Radiant’s bedchamber, grab a plate and some snacks, then find a seat, if you’d like. There’s still a little bit of room on the bed.

The Feral wives have graciously loaned us the room for the party. They’ve even offered to pour the wine, apple cider, and hot chocolate! If you have another drink preference, I’m sure they’ll be happy to get it for you.

We’ll be awarding a ton of prizes of signed books, plus two Grand Prizes during the party. You must post during the two hours the party is ‘live’ to win. The signed books will be awarded to the first person to answer the trivia questions, but each person can only win one trivia prize. The two Grand Prizes (a $100 gift card to, graciously donated by my publisher, Avon Books, and a complete signed set of Feral Warriors books including an eARC of ECSTASY UNTAMED) will be drawn at random from everyone who posts during the two hours, including trivia winners, and will be chosen approximately 9:50 p.m. EST. All winners must send my assistant, Kim Castillo (, their snail mail address. We’ll need email addresses for the two Grand Prize winners.

Mmm…I smell freshly-baked cookies. Chocolate chip, if I’m not mistaken. Pink and Xavier have been busy all afternoon preparing snacks for us.

Did you see any of the Ferals as you entered the foyer and walked up the stairs? No? Don’t worry. They saw you.

Follow me down to the Comments section below where everything is happening tonight. (Not sure how? Do you see where it says “Posted in” just below this? At the end of that small paragraph is a number, then “Comments”. Click on “Comments” and you’re there. To reply, scroll to the end of the Comments page. You’ll have to log in the first time (just takes a second), then you’re good to go!)



8:00pm EST TONIGHT — Pajama Party at Feral House!

October 11, 2011 · 8 Comments

Join me on my blog for two hours of Feral fun tonight (8-10pm EST). We’ll have Feral trivia questions and prizes, tiny excerpts from ECSTASY UNTAMED (which comes out in just two weeks), and possibly even a visit from a Feral or two! Dig out your best animal print pajamas and meet me at Feral House.

See you tonight!



October 3, 2011 · 73 Comments

Welcome to my inaugural blog! I’ve blogged before, don’t get me wrong, but this is the first time I’ve had a blog of my own. It’s time. I have things to share and I need my own place to post them. Speaking of which, I’m throwing a pajama party at Feral House and you’re all invited! Trivia questions with tons of book prizes, tiny teasers from Ecstasy Untamed, and, perhaps, a visit from a Feral or two. Click here for the Invitation. I also have other fun things planned in celebration of the upcoming release of Ecstasy Untamed. Would you like me to send you a signed postcard of the Ecstasy Untamed book cover (anywhere in the world)? Just fill out the form on my website’s Luck page and I’ll get it in the mail.

So, what’s going on in the writing world of Pamela Palmer? A lot. As mentioned, the sixth book in the Feral Warriors shape-shifter series, Ecstasy Untamed, comes out Oct. 25th…just three weeks! This one is Hawke’s book as he battles the ravages of the spirit trap and of his heart when the woman of his dreams arrives at Feral House…the intended mate of the newest Feral. If you can’t wait for the 25th to take a look, the first chapter is on my website, now.

In addition to the Feral Warriors, I’ll be publishing the last two books in my Esri series for Harlequin Nocturne this winter/spring. I’m so glad they’re finally coming out! The series began with The Dark Gate and Dark Deceiver and is the story of the invasion of our world by the immortal, man-sized Esri (the creatures at the heart of the legends of fairies and elves), and the handful of humans immune to Esri enchantment–the only ones who can stop them. Book 3, A Warrior’s Desire, has a January 24th release date, according to Amazon (and Amazon seems to know these things before the authors or publishers). Warrior Rising will be out the end of March. I’ve posted short blurbs of each book on the Coming Next page of my website.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m starting a brand new vampire series. Book 1 in the Vamp City series, A Blood Seduction, will be out the end of May 2012. This will be my first series with continuing characters in the hero/heroine roles, what I term a multi-book romance. I expect the series (or at least this first romantic arc) to be five books in length. I just finished writing the first book, but I’ve already seen the cover art and it’s gorgeous. As soon as I can show you (probably after the new year), I will!

Meanwhile, I’ve just started writing book 7 in the Feral Warriors series, but you’ll have to wait until December 1st for the reveal of the hero. I’m not telling, yet! My plan is to alternate the Feral Warriors and Vamp City books, so expect plenty more of both.

To kick off this blog in the right way, I think we need a giveaway. What do you think? Tell me how you found me here today (newsletter? Twitter? Facebook?) for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Hunger Untamed. (I use random number generator to choose my winners.)

Thanks for stopping by!