Welcome to the Pajama Party at Feral House!

October 11, 2011 · 845 Comments

It’s Party Time!

Come in, come in. Step through the door of the Radiant’s bedchamber, grab a plate and some snacks, then find a seat, if you’d like. There’s still a little bit of room on the bed.

The Feral wives have graciously loaned us the room for the party. They’ve even offered to pour the wine, apple cider, and hot chocolate! If you have another drink preference, I’m sure they’ll be happy to get it for you.

We’ll be awarding a ton of prizes of signed books, plus two Grand Prizes during the party. You must post during the two hours the party is ‘live’ to win. The signed books will be awarded to the first person to answer the trivia questions, but each person can only win one trivia prize. The two Grand Prizes (a $100 gift card to PajamaGram.com, graciously donated by my publisher, Avon Books, and a complete signed set of Feral Warriors books including an eARC of ECSTASY UNTAMED) will be drawn at random from everyone who posts during the two hours, including trivia winners, and will be chosen approximately 9:50 p.m. EST. All winners must send my assistant, Kim Castillo (kimscastillo@gmail.com), their snail mail address. We’ll need email addresses for the two Grand Prize winners.

Mmm…I smell freshly-baked cookies. Chocolate chip, if I’m not mistaken. Pink and Xavier have been busy all afternoon preparing snacks for us.

Did you see any of the Ferals as you entered the foyer and walked up the stairs? No? Don’t worry. They saw you.

Follow me down to the Comments section below where everything is happening tonight. (Not sure how? Do you see where it says “Posted in” just below this? At the end of that small paragraph is a number, then “Comments”. Click on “Comments” and you’re there. To reply, scroll to the end of the Comments page. You’ll have to log in the first time (just takes a second), then you’re good to go!)



845 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pajama Party at Feral House!

  1. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Welcome to Feral House and the Pajama Party! If you’ve read Ecstasy Untamed, please don’t reveal any spoilers since most haven’t.

    While everyone’s arriving, I’ll post a tiny teaser of the upcoming ECSTASY UNTAMED.

  2. Kim Castillo

    Welcome to Feral House, everyone!

    Remember, if you’ve been lucky enough to read Ecstasy Untamed already, most readers haven’t so please don’t post any spoilers.

  3. Pamela Palmer Post author

    He grinned at her. “I’m Hawke.”
    Her expression shifted with delightful speed, awe lacing her gaze and her words. “You’re the hawk shifter.”
    “I am. And who might you be?”
    “I’m Faith. I’m with Maxim, though I’m not sure that’s something I want to admit at the moment.”
    With Maxim. He didn’t like the sound of that. “His daughter?” he asked hopefully.
    She laughed. “I was born in 1899. I just try to look like a teenager.”
    Not too young at all. Which would be beside the point if she was truly with Maxim. Ferals never, ever poached another Feral’s female.

  4. Kim Castillo

    Time for Trivia Question #1 taken from Desire Untamed. First to post the correct answer wins a signed copy of Desire Untamed!

    What kind of car does Lyon drive?

      1. Jecca Adder

        Why doesn’t Jag own a Jag although a hummer might have been more his speed. Paenther could own a jag too. Little known fact panthers are jaguars.

  5. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Welcome, everyone! Kim has trivia questions and is awarding prizes. I’ll be popping in with teasers. If you have any questions for me, ask! (Though I might not tell you the answers. LOL.)

  6. Kim Castillo

    Trivia question #2 from Desire Untamed. First to post the correct answer gets a signed copy of Desire Untamed!

    Which Feral Warrior did the Goddess initially choose to be Kara’s mate?

  7. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Okay, here’s another one:

    Hawke eyed the small duffel on her shoulder, then snorted. “That’s all that’s yours?”
    Faith shrugged, that pixie grin lifting her intriguing mouth. “I travel light.”
    He reached for the duffel. “Let me have it.”
    All he earned himself was a good-natured scowl. “I’m not going to walk in empty-handed while you carry all this. I’m not helpless.”
    Maybe not helpless, but she was as slender and pretty as a lily and he wasn’t having her schlepping luggage. “Once you move in, you can carry your own weight. Today, you’re a guest.” He motioned her to hand it over, pretty certain her soon-to-be mate wouldn’t appreciate her carrying her own duffle even if it was microscopic. Which might serve him right. But Hawke wanted to carry her bag. For some reason, it was important to him. “You’ll bruise my masculine ego.”
    She laughed, the sound making the air sparkle between them. “It’s a duffel.”
    He felt those sparkles inside him. Goddess, when was the last time he’d felt so…free? “Give me the bag, Smiley.”

  8. Kim Castillo

    Trivia #3 from Desire. First to post correct answer wins a signed Desire Untamed!

    Where do the Feral Warriors live?

  9. Kim Castillo

    Sorry, guys I meant what is the name of their house, not what state. We’ll award this to Carla Gallway, the first to respond.

  10. Sarah gutierrez

    Hey guys! Don’t know how long ill be able to hang. I’m in the hospital having my third! Two boys and one girl. Wish me luck!

      1. Sarah gutierrez

        Well, im famous for my long labors and this is ther perfect distraction! I’m soo excited to read about Hawke!

  11. Rachel

    Hi, sorry I’m late. Took a while to get here from Australia. Glad Im here though. Thanks for the teaser, can’t wait for it.

  12. Chatel Casto

    Dumb question,is this supposed to be in real time or do you keep refreshing. Because I just can’t keep up with the questions by refreshing. Thanks

  13. Tiffany Krepps

    Stephanie Allen, Jag is one of my favorites, but I have a tendency to read one book and like that feral the best.

  14. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Okay, I’m trying to reply to the questions, but the answers wind up back at the question. To read them, you’ll have to scroll back up. Maybe I’ll just answer down here from now on.

  15. christina

    i love all the books, i really want to read Hawkes book 🙂 i so can’t wait. thanx for the teasers pamela 🙂

  16. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “Pamela – Is Wolfe’s book coming up next??”

    Answer: No comment. (I’ll announce the hero of book 7 on Dec. 1st. That will give everyone a chance to read Hawke’s book first.)

  17. Kim Castillo

    Question #1 from Obsession Untamed. First to answer correctly wins a signed copy of Obsession Untamed.

    What race are the Feral Warriors?

  18. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Don’t look now, but Lyon’s standing in the doorway!
    “Hello, Lyon.” I lift my hand in greeting from where I’m sitting on the corner of the bed.
    He nods once. “Pamela, ladies. Welcome to Feral House.” He looks us over as if assessing the threat level we present in our jammies with our wine glasses and mugs of hot chocolate.
    “Thank you for letting us have the party here, Lyon,” I say.
    He glances at Kara, his eyes softening. “The Radiant talked me into it against my better judgment.” His gaze returns to us, his eyes sharpening. “Two hours, no more.”
    As quietly as he appeared, he’s gone again.
    I should warn you, the Ferals are debating clearing everyone’s minds of the location of Feral House as we leave tonight. I’ve assured them that’s not necessary with this group, but they’re nothing if not protective of their race and their wives. So if they’re all standing in the foyer when the party’s over, you’ll know why. Then again, does anyone really mind the thought of a Feral staring deeply into your eyes?

  19. DebW

    OOOO, Those Ferals can stare me in the eyes anytime. Wow, Lyon looks huge in person. Glad I had a napkin in my hand too. Hope Kara didn’t notice (blush)

  20. Ashley F.

    I don’t blame the guys for being protective pardon my grrr of approval hehe though i highly doubt this bookworm’s very threatening to anybody.

  21. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Will Pink ever be featured? Possibly in a short story?”

    Maybe. I don’t have anything planned for her, yet, but I don’t plan any of the books too far ahead. Would you guys like to see Pink have her own story, at least a novella?

  22. Kim Castillo

    Question #2 from Obsession Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Obsession Untamed.

    Where is Satanan imprisioned?

  23. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Time for another tiny teaser!

    Jealousy slid like a blade between Hawke’s ribs.
    But even as Maxim pulled Faith tight against his side, his gaze remained locked on Hawke, sharp with warning.
    Hawke’s jaw hardened, anger sparking inside him, ignited by a jealousy he had no right to feel.
    Tighe nudged him from behind. “Upstairs. This suitcase is heavy.”
    Which was a lie, but Hawke took the hint and moved toward the stairs, tearing his gaze from the couple. But even as he climbed, he remained intensely aware of the woman below him, every sense tuned to Faith.
    He’d never believed in love at first sight, but infatuation was another matter. And he was suddenly, inescapably, drowning in it.

  24. Shifterfan

    You know what… I have accepted that my computer just doesn’t like me this evening. And with no new episodes of ‘Glee’ or ‘Raising Hope’ I think the universe has conspired against me.

  25. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “Are there going to be any other pregnancies in the future? (kara??)”

    I’m not sure. The story is unfolding for me only a little before it does for you. It could happen, though!

  26. Kim Castillo

    Trivia #3 from Obsession Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Obsession Untamed.

    What is the press calling the monster Tighe and Delaney are hunting?

  27. Jenyfer H.

    my computer is acting up a little too!

    and why is it the poor fox shifter that’s the “evil” one amongst the ferals?

  28. Chatel Casto

    Ok LOVE the idea and you doing this for your fans but even with high speed internet I can’t keep up. Theres answers before I even get the question but oh well. Everyone have fun!! Love the books!! Good Luck to everyone!!

  29. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “Sigh –

    Pamela, how long does Hawke hold out before taking Faith away from Maxim? Hm…….. ”

    LOL. You can find out in two weeks! ECSTASY UNTAMED comes out two weeks from today. Finally.

    1. GLORIA B.

      lol!! mine is making fun, saying i’m a zombie staring at the computer! I said just like he does with football :p

  30. Diane Sallans

    The Devil in Disguise? – sorry – just being silly – haven’t read the books, so I’m guessing – but so many of you are so enthusiastic these must be fun books!

  31. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Time for another teaser!

    “Is there a kitchen where I could find something to drink? Perhaps fruit juice or a Coca-Cola?”
    Kara’s smile bloomed. “Come on.”
    Faith followed Kara through the mansion into a large dining room as beautifully decorated as the rest of the house. Pleasure burst inside her as she spied Hawke sitting at the huge dining table talking with Vhyper.
    Hawke saw her and smiled, sending her pulse into a flutter. Vhyper acknowledged her with a nod that was neither friendly nor unfriendly.
    “Faith’s thirsty,” Kara announced cheerily as she led Faith through the room, toward a door at the far end.
    Out of the corner of her eye, Faith watched Hawke rise and start after them. The excited pleasure the realization triggered had her feeling a moment’s guilt. Then again, what woman wouldn’t get a thrill from having a Feral Warrior smile at her? Hawke was just being friendly. And she was just…a little starstruck. That was all.

  32. Na

    I really like this teaser because it’s showing Faith’s perspective and the attraction is obvious to us even if they’re not acknowledging it yet.

  33. christina

    i love the teasers, they are just gettin better and better. ok now i want to get the book. i’m gonna have to wait. 2 weeks and counting.

  34. Rattie

    lol ashley.. i figured i could “accidently” trip them into the room… then they’d have to get into their PJs too…. *weg*

  35. Kim Castillo

    If you’re been lucky enough to have read Ecstasy Untamed already please don’t post any spoilers. Most readers haven’t read it yet.

    Thank you!

  36. Pamela Palmer Post author

    A reader who couldn’t make it tonight asked me this question: “Why is it that some of the Ferals can shape-shift into their animal form and then back into their man form all the while keeping their clothes and weapons whereas other Ferals, such as Wulfe, cannot and end up naked without weapons in hand?” This one won’t win you a prize (only Kim’s questions do that), but does anyone want to take a shot at the answer?

  37. Ashley F.

    hehe i’am exicted too. btw nice teaser i would so be starstruck meeting any of the guys. there just in a class of awesome all their own 🙂

    1. Jenyfer H.

      I totally agree! I just hope olivia doesn’t skin me alive for checking out her mate! she’s one lucky lady

  38. Elizabeth

    Oooooh thanks Carla!! I was hope to score the ARC but if my refresh doesnt get any faster i may have to wait until the 25th!

  39. Elizabeth

    Hmmm, does it have something to do with the actual Therian who is chosen to be the Feral? I mean, does it depend on that Therian’s specific magic and not actually the animal itself?

    1. Pamela Palmer Post author

      Yes! I don’t remember the line exactly, but it was in Desire Untamed. Something like, “those Ferals with a touch of Mage blood” who possess just enough magic to retain their clothes when they shift.

  40. Kim Castillo

    Question #1 from Passion Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Passion Untamed!

    What ritual completes a new warrior’s transistion–rebirthing him as a true Feral Warrior?

      1. margaret whelehan

        using a blade to make a slash over their hearts to mix their blood, and chanting.
        is it called recieving radience???

  41. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Jag’s here!

    “So when does the orgy begin?” Jag drawls from the doorway. He has a huge platter of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies in his hands and they smell heavenly.
    “Jag,” Olivia groans as she’s pouring wine. “Behave.”
    A slow, devilish smile pulls at his lips. “It’s so much more fun to be bad.”
    Delaney steps forward and takes the tray from him, but before she can turn away, Tighe sticks his head around the corner, peering at her over Jag’s shoulder.
    “How are you doing?”
    “I’m perfect, worry-wart,” she says with a smile. “This group is so much fun. Where’s Wulfe? The ladies have been asking about him.”
    Tighe grimaces. “He doesn’t want to scare anyone.”
    “Please ask him to come say hello. No one here will be put off by his scars. I promise.”
    “I’ll see what I can do.”
    Tighe leaves. Jag doesn’t.

  42. Jenyfer H.

    ooh a probably on a female feral! does that mean some of the animal spirits that are trapped in that spirit trap come out soon?

  43. Ashley F.

    SWEET so um iam trying to remember how many shifter spirits there are left. is there only one of each you’d think there be two male and female ‘) ya know *wide grin*

  44. Na

    @Pamela This is a complete shot in the dark but maybe it’s because some are warriors and have it in their blood and others are appointed it.

  45. christina

    we need Wulfe here, we will love him no matter what, and i can say most of the ladies will agree withme 🙂
    and i don’t know the next question 🙁

  46. Ashley F.

    tries not to squee and grins yep we would 🙂 ok deep breathes doing best to remain calm and *puts a couple cookies on my plate* Thanks for having us gals this is a blast.

  47. Elizabeth

    Diane, I think so. You miss a lot in the first book. I suppose you could start in the middle or whichever book you prefer, but I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of hot Lyon!(Desire Untamed Book 1)

  48. GLORIA B.

    I’m too nuts with a series that I HAVE to start with book 1 or it would drive me nuts to start in the middle. Another reason I love my Nook…I don’t have to wait for the store to get the books in order 🙂

    1. Rattie

      i always thought that too. but i got a kindle and i love it. there are still those authors and series i *HAVE* to have in paperback.. but i try out new authors and series first on the kindle. cuts down on my *ok, but don’t wanna fill my library shelves with* books..

    2. GLORIA B.

      i thought i would feel that way at first but i read so quick and reread alot and I do love having my whole library with me AND being able to get the new books at 6 AM!!!! lol

  49. Kim Castillo

    Question #2 from Passion Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Passion Untamed.

    How old is Paenther?

    1. Linda

      I’ve been waiting for that to happen. Also a female feral warrior. That would shake the guys up in a big way. LOL

  50. Ashley F.

    yes as I like to say it’s not a party without chocolate 🙂 and really that’s cool. I’am parcel to soft or hard covers myself got to love cover art hehe ‘)

  51. Diane Sallans

    Another Question: These books come in paper don’t they? I’m not eEnabled, but am finding that more & more books that look good are only Electronic.

  52. Elizabeth

    Dang Kim!! good questions but I can’t remember the answers!! 2000? Maybe I should have reread the series before the chat? LOL

  53. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “What’s the grand prize?”

    Answer: Two grand prizes this evening. 1. My entire backlist plus an eARC of ECSTASY UNTAMED. 2. a $100 gift certificate to PajamaGram.com courtesy of my wonderful publisher, Avon Books. Kim will be awarding both to random commenters near the end of the party. Stick around!

  54. Stephanie Allen

    @ Pamela…. how were the very first shifters able to well shift….. since not all of the raise is able to

  55. Laurin Wittig

    Wow, this place is hopping! What a lovely party you’re throwing at Feral House tonight, Pam. Think someone could get me a margarita? 🙂 I just read through lots of great conversation and I have to say, Jag is my favorite, though each Feral is my favorite when I’m reading his book. I like the idea of a novella for Pink, too. Anyone who cooks that well deserves her own HEA. Oh, and not to rub it in or anything, but I’ve read Ecstacy. It totally rocks.

    1. Pamela Palmer Post author

      Hey Laurin!

      Everyone, Laurin Wittig is one of my two incredible critique partners. She reads everything I write before my editor sees it and keeps me straight. She’s also a fabulous author in her own right. Check out her books on Amazon!

  56. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Time for another teaser!

    “Wondered where you were.”
    Hawke looked up from his plate as Wulfe sauntered into the dining room, then he returned to the thick, savory slices of roast beef Pink had brought out to him a short while before.
    Wulfe sat down beside him and poured himself a glass of ice water from the pitcher on the table. “You missed a fun time at dinner.” He leaned back in his chair. “It’s like he thinks he’s the new general sent in to lead the troops. He’s pissing me off.”
    “Join the club.” At least his brothers felt the same. This would be so much worse if Maxim were genuinely a nice guy whom everyone else liked.
    Hawke glanced at Wulfe. “Faith?”
    Wulfe looked at him for a long moment, sympathy slowly deepening his gaze. “You’re smitten with her,” he said quietly. “I saw the way you were watching her during the reception.”
    Hawke turned away, digging his fork into another bite of meat. “No one uses the word smitten any more.”
    “Doesn’t change the fact.”
    Hell. “I don’t know what I am. Yeah, actually I do. I’m a fucked-up mess.”
    Wulfe’s dinner-plate sized hand landed lightly on Hawke’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Wings. You’re too good a guy to be dealing with so much shit. If I could take some of it off your shoulders, I would.”
    Hawke met his friend’s gaze and nodded. “I know.”

  57. Elizabeth

    Pamela, before I found your series, I was a fan of Pickyme on facebook and I saw the work she did with the Feral Warriors and when I picked up Desire Untamed and read the part in the beginning when Lyon was “healing” Kara, I was totally hooked!! (and i about fell off the bed. HOT SCENE!!)

  58. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Question: How were the very first shifters able to well shift….. since not all of the race is able to?

    Answer: Originally, all Therians were shape-shifters, millennia ago. They evolved right along with mankind, so how they came to be is lost in the mists of time.

  59. Jenyfer H.

    this new fox shifter sounds like a complete jerk! i hope it’s just cause he’s under some kind of spell…but oh how my heart aches for Hawke right now

  60. Ashley F.

    nod in agreement before *takeing a sip of coco* I do try not to drool *looks away innocently* eyes might go wide as a deer in headlights through 🙂

  61. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Teaser Time!

    She took another sip of the lemonade, her expression pensive. Smiley was nowhere in evidence.
    “Tell me what you’re thinking, Faith,” Hawke said softly.
    Her surprised gaze snapped back up to meet his and again she took her time to answer, taking a long drink of the lemonade before setting the half-empty glass on the counter. “I don’t want to be responsible for you and Maxim never getting along. I don’t want to be the bone of contention between you.”
    Her words shamed him. “I don’t want that either.”
    “He’s going to be my mate, Hawke.”
    “I know.” And he did, as much as it ate at him to admit it. Goddess, how had he screwed this up so badly? He’d never before overstepped with any of his brother’s mates. Then again, he’d never felt anything more than affection or protectiveness for any of them. Only this one. And it was probably no coincidence that he was at his lowest right now. “Neither Maxim nor I are completely ourselves at the moment, Faith. Once everything settles down, we’ll be fine. All of us. I’ll make sure of it.”
    Her mouth compressed, then slowly softened with a small, grateful smile that sent a surge of pleasure through his chest far greater than such a small smile warranted. “Thank you, Hawke.”
    He returned her smile, his own no bigger than hers, despite feeling the urge to grin. “You’re welcome.”

    1. Kim Castillo

      You may only win one signed book. But even if you win a book you’re still entered into the grand prize drawings.

  62. Elizabeth

    Okay, so I know I am not the only one who is loving Pink’s new friend!!! I think it was so wonderful for him to stay!!

    1. Jenyfer H.

      I love Xavier’s friendship with Pink…I’m a little sad that his sister had to leave i was kinds hoping she would be able to stay and be Wulfe’s mate

  63. Ashley F.

    Wow does squee and does a happy dance ahem chuckles then sits down ahem I think thats enough choclate for me 🙂 lol

    1. Jenny

      Really? Then Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to do this 🙂 And for answering our questions. Your the best and I adore your books ^__^

  64. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “What is your favorite book you wrote??”

    Oh, tough question. Every one of them holds a piece of my heart. I won’t claim a favorite, but I love ECSTASY UNTAMED.

  65. Kim Castillo

    Question #1 from Rapture Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Rapture Untamed.

    What partial animal is Pink, the Feral Warrior’s housekeeper?

  66. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Wulfe’s here!

    He stands beside Jag, who is still watching us from the doorway, unsmiling. Seven-feet of heavily-muscled, if badly-scarred male. “I was told to say hello.”
    “Mr. Talkative,” Jag drawls.
    Someone, offer him a cookie. Quick! Before he leaves again.
    “Thanks,” Wulfe says. He begins to turn away, but Jag nudges him back with his shoulder.
    “Stay, Dog.”
    “Don’t call me Dog.”
    “’Kay, Dude.”
    Wulfe shoots him a glare, but there’s amusement in his eyes, too. You guys are doing great job of settling him down. Not a single gasp. You rock!

  67. Pamela Palmer Post author

    When the party is over, feel free to move over to my Bulletin Board, which you can get to through on my website. For those who’ve already read ECSTASY UNTAMED, there’s a place for you discuss the book with Spoilers!

  68. Sin

    Pamela is there a possibility that we may see Zee from Hearts Untamed as a Feral Warrior? His was the first story I read and got me hooked.

  69. christina

    dam slow computer. so mad. *looks over at Wulfe, dam what a sexy warrior* is it getting hot in here or is it just me.

  70. Kim Castillo

    Trivia #2 from Rapture Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Rapture Untamed.

    What does Jag call Olivia?

  71. Ashley F.

    lol oh Stephanie Allen chuckle though i agree *hi guys* dont mind me gals i’am a little hyper cough excited cough. 🙂

  72. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “Pamela is there a possibility that we may see Zee from Hearts Untamed as a Feral Warrior? His was the first story I read and got me hooked.”

    Answer: I have plans for Zee. And, yes, that’s definitely a possibility. : )

    1. christina

      Elizabeth i like your thinking and i can’t remember what he calls her, dammit. i think i need to go back to my books 🙁

  73. Rattie

    *scoots over so there’s space between self and ashley* hey Wulfe! come have a seat! there’s plenty of room right here!

    1. Kim Castillo

      You’re right, Tiffany, but I just announced you as a random winner. You’re still in for the grand prize drawings though. 🙂

  74. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “pamela……will the warriors all have nicknames for their women in the next books????”

    I’m not sure. When I find each Feral’s voice, I’ll know. Most of the guys do tend to use nicknames or pet names. Kougar never did.

  75. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Another teaser time!

    Faith held onto Hawke’s neck as he carried her from the room, the sound of breaking furniture, tearing fabric, and fierce growls following them. Her heart thudded in her ears, her body trembled. Yet her senses exploded at Hawke’s closeness, at the feel of being in his arms. He smelled of soap and warm male, and something more, like a sunlit forest on a crisp autumn day, at once welcoming, calming, and thoroughly exhilarating. Heat flushed her skin, sinking into her blood with a startling arousal.
    Her head spun with conflicting thoughts and warring emotions. Her arm tightened even as she fought off the sudden and overwhelming desire to tuck her face against his corded neck. To taste the skin there.
    Heavens, Maxim would come after them both if he heard her thoughts.
    In the hallway, Hawke stopped and turned his head, their faces so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. “Are you hurt?” His gaze bore into hers, his eyes dark with concern, yet utterly electric.
    “Cease!” Lyon’s voice boomed from the open entryway, directed at the combatants.
    “No. Just…shaken.” Soon Maxim would come looking for her. If he saw them like this… “You need to put me down, Hawke.”
    A low growl rumbled from Hawke’s throat and she started, half-afraid he was going feral again. But the look on his face had a savageness of an entirely different kind. He stared at her as if he wanted to devour her.

  76. Evan Blanc

    I can never get anything in fast enough! lol.. It takes forever for all the posts to load, but it is still a lot of fun!!

  77. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “I wonder do we get to see Tighe’s and Delaney’s baby?”

    Eventually, but the story is moving so fast, we’re already to book 6 and she’s barely pregnant. We’ll see the baby, even if it’s a short story or an epilogue at some point.

      1. Pamela Palmer Post author

        No, no, no. But the first six books take place over the course of just a few months and there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon. So the story time-frame is short even if the books come out one or two a year. If it takes another six -seven months, story-time to tell the rest of the tale, then definitely she’ll have her baby. If not, I’ll get it in there some way.

  78. Na

    This is my fav teaser yet! I adore seeing Hawke as the concerned and caring for Faith’s well-being. Tough and sensitive.

  79. Kim Castillo

    Trivia #3 from Rapture Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Rapture Untamed.

    How do the Feral Warriors channel their powers?

  80. Elizabeth

    Nice Teaser!!!! I can just imagine what happens next, some lit candles and Barry White playin in the background!

  81. Stephanie Allen

    Ok Ladies…… is it bad my hubby had to put me on a book allowance for each month? Is it bad that I get giddy if a book has over 1000 pages?….. I think I have a problem lol

    1. christina

      i’m just as bad, if i could, i could spend my entire paycheque at the book store. i’m just as nutty, but i love to read. these books are sooo good i need hawkes book

    2. Stephanie RT

      I did get my husband to agree to an ereader to save space in the house. So now he really has no idea how much I read, just that the thing is always at my nose.

  82. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “How many books will be in the series?? Any more news about your vampire series?”

    Answer: I honestly don’t know how many books there will be in the Feral Warriors series in all. I still have loads of ideas, and I know how the series is going to end…and whose book it is…but I’m not at all sure how many books it will take to get there. As I’ve mentioned, the story is unfolding for me just as it is for you. I know some things that are going to happen in future books, but not a lot.

    As for the vampire series, book 1, A BLOOD SEDUCTION, is due out the end of May. I’ve seen the cover and the stepback and they’re gorgeous! I wish I could share them with you, but my publisher doesn’t want it out until the cover is finalized and they’re still tweaking. I’ll probably be able to reveal it some time in January. This series is going to be a little different–continuing characters. A multi-book romance. One story, one couple, five books. I think.

  83. Elizabeth

    through the Feral circle??

    and book allowance?? what is that?? it is a good thing i am not married, because that is one vice i could never give up!

  84. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Another teaser!

    “Hawke. Hawke!” Faith’s sweet voice came at him from a distance. Hands began to pluck at him, the knife-like draden began to release him from their deadly hold. “Hawke, don’t you dare die on me. Don’t you dare!”
    Faith. He smelled her sweet scent, felt the brush of her hair along his cheek.
    “Fight, dammit!”
    She pulled him forward, plucking at the creatures at his back and hips. “Are you sitting on any? Of course you are.” She shoved him toward the window. “Lift up!”
    He barely heard her and wasn’t certain he was doing anything at all, but he was trying. Goddess he was trying. The red haze slunk away as blackness came for him.

  85. Ashley F.

    @Rattie we could but i don’t know if well.. the radiant’s would appreciatate that. *looks both ways* we could ask ‘)

  86. Kim Castillo

    Hunger Untamed Trivia #1. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Hunger Untamed.

    Where do the Ilinas live?

  87. Stephanie Allen

    @ Elizabeth ….. I know I know lol I will literally spend hours** on a certain bookstores website just going through books….. Lord help us if I actually get into one of the stores

  88. Na

    I bet Hawke is in here at the pajama party in spirit and that is why he’s temporarily blacked out. He hears “dare” and he’ll bounce right back lol.

  89. Kim Castillo

    Trivia #2 from Hunger Untamed. First correct answer wins a signed copy of Hunger Untamed.

    Who is the only person who can save Tighe and Hawke?

    Still no correct answer for Trivia #1 from Hunger Untamed…

  90. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Don’t know if you saw this, but I’m reposting the info on my vampire series:

    Book 1, A BLOOD SEDUCTION, is due out the end of May. I’ve seen the cover and the stepback and they’re gorgeous! I wish I could share them with you, but my publisher doesn’t want it out until the cover is finalized and they’re still tweaking. I’ll probably be able to reveal it some time in January. This series is going to be a little different–continuing characters. A multi-book romance. One story, one couple, five books. I think.

    1. christina

      hey Pamela, i just read this and this is really exciting. i’ll be looking this in the new yr. i’m wondering will there be any book tours to Canada sometime?

  91. Dana


    Thank you so much for a really fun evening! Now I just have to work out the cramp in my hand from scrolling! LOL!!!!

  92. Shannon

    Pamela you should do this party live actually face to face with us…It would be crazy but loads of fun.. also your Great!!!

  93. Ashley F.

    chuckles i know i have a batch of books on my wish list and if i could i’d live at my local barnes & nobles hehe

  94. Tiffany Krepps

    I’m having a hard time keeping up, I’m tempted to call the internet people complain it keeps going in and out lol.

  95. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Tiny teaser time!

    “Are you okay?” he asked quietly.
    “I’m fine and you can quit asking me that.” She smiled, taking the sting out of her words. “I’m stronger than I look.”
    But though a hint of approval flashed in his gaze, the worry didn’t leave his eyes. “When I saw you a couple of days ago, after not seeing you for days, I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. That’s why I came to you that night. But you denied it. And I know now I was right.”
    “I didn’t know what he was doing to me. I didn’t remember.”
    Hawke nodded. “Understood. But my gut still tells me something’s wrong, something that you’re not telling me. Something that scares you.”
    Faith looked away, trying to hide the telltale flush she felt rising to her cheeks. How could he possibly see her so clearly?

  96. Stephanie Allen

    @ Dana single click your scroll ball thingy on your mouse and it should put a little silver icon on the page then just drop your cursor to the bottom and it will hyper scroll for you …… wait i think i just confused myself with that

  97. Elizabeth

    Yes it has been a great party!!! Thank you for the teasers and all the answers to our questions!! And thanks to Kim for handin out the prizes!!

  98. DebW

    Great party everyone.
    Thanks Pamela, Kim and everyone who participated.
    Had so much fun.

    Hope we get to do this again sometime.

  99. Alaina

    awesome chat! too bad i missed the first hour of it.. dang you time zones!!
    congrats to all the winners (did anyone get it for the last Q yet??)

  100. Kim Castillo


    The winner of the $100 gift certificate to pajamagram.com courtesy of Pamela’s publisher, HarperCollins is:


    The winner of the entire Feral Warrior series including an e-arc of Ecstasy Untamed is:


    Congratulations, please send your mailing information to kimscastillo@gmail.com

    1. Diane Sallans

      How exciting! I’ll have to get some new PJ’s, some Feral books, and settle in on a cool fall night for a good read! Thanks so much!

  101. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Lyon’s back. Whoops, we’re almost out of time.

    “It’s after ten o’clock,” Lyons says. “The Ferals are waiting in the foyer to clear their minds.”
    “It’s not necessary, Lyon,” I tell him.
    “That may be. Nevertheless…” He looks over the group. “We won’t take their memories of the party itself. We’ll simply make them believe that they attended it virtually, that their memories of Feral House and meeting the Ferals happened only in their imaginations.”

    Move slowly. We need to award the Grand Prizes first.

  102. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Thank you for coming, everyone! This has been so much fun! For those of you who won a prize, be sure to email Kim (kimscastillo@gmail.com) with your address so I can get it out to you.

    Go Feral!

  103. JENNY V


  104. Kim Castillo

    Thanks so much for coming out everyone!

    I know some of you didn’t see that you won a prize, I’ll have a full list to Pamela tomorrow with who hasn’t contacted me yet for her to post to the blog. Be sure to check back, ok!

  105. Jecca Adder

    I do have question maybe anyone can answer this I am still a bit of a newbie to the Feral warriors.
    Going Feral is it the same fir everyone? I mean I have seen the def. but do ALL of them sprout fangs, eye change and claws?
    Since Vhyper and Wulfe wouldn’t have claws and Hawke wouldn’t have predatory eyes or fangs.

  106. Helen

    I am so stressed out Ahhhhhh…… Homework Driving me crazy… Thats why i am taking a break and seeing how the party is going

  107. Helen

    Whoo Hoo I guess I am a little late to the party LOL living in Australia makes working out the times hard.

    I have to say I soo love the Fereal Warriors and their Mates I can’t get enough of them and am eagerly awaiting Hawkes’s story.

    Have Fun


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