Welcome to the Pajama Party at Feral House!

December 9, 2012 · 1,006 Comments

Welcome to Feral House and the second annual Pajama Party!

I’m meeting you on the front stoop of Feral House, today. Careful on the brick steps! It’s a bit chilly here, overcast and cool—a typical December day in Great Falls, Virginia. The Ferals are a little uneasy about so many guests arriving when things have been so crazy. They asked that we all come in at once, so we’ll gather here for a few minutes while everyone arrives. Oh, and by the way, there are still a number of new Ferals unaccounted for. If any of you have accidentally gone feral (drawn fangs and claws) recently, now’s the time to speak up. They’re looking for you!

Kim Castillo, my valiant assistant, is helping me out today. We’re giving away a ton of prizes: Ten signed books plus a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon gift card! If you win a book, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book of your choice (Feral, Esri, or Vamp City). Just let Kim know which one when you give her your address. (All winners must send Kim (kimscastillo@gmail.com) their snail mail addresses.) If you can’t decide, I’ll surprise you. At the end of the party, we’ll be awarding the Grand Prize which will be drawn at random from everyone who posts during the two hours, including trivia winners. The full list of winners will be posted on my blog tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Shall we get started?

Follow me down to the Comments section below where everything is happening. You may have to log in the first time (just takes a second), then you’re good to go!

1,006 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pajama Party at Feral House!

  1. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Fox nodded as he passed the two beauties, then headed back toward the dining room and his lunch. He needed food. And a cold beer. Maybe several. But as he reached the hallway, he glanced back, unable to resist one last glimpse, and found Melisande staring after him with a hard mouth and eyes filled with confusion…and desire.
    It was all he could do to keep going when his feet wanted to turn back and close the distance between them. Now wasn’t the time to pursue the woman, he knew that. Not with Kara missing. Not with half of the new Ferals turning against them. But, goddess, what she did to him.
    Sooner or later, she was going to be his.

  2. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Ready to go inside Feral House? Come on!

    I knock and the huge door opens. Paenther stands in the doorway, his expression serious, as always, but his eyes are friendly as he greets us. “Pamela. Ladies. Come in. Skye and the other wives are waiting for you in the Wives’ Den.” Amusement makes his mouth twitch. “Previously known as the Radiant’s bedchamber.”

    We step through the front door and into the huge, gorgeous foyer. Another male is standing at the far side of the foyer, near the entrance to the hallway that leads to the dining room and kitchen. His bald head gleams from the light of the crystal chandelier. Who is he? The first one of you to identify him correctly gets a prize! He nods when he sees us, but says nothing. Behind him…do you see Pink glancing over his shoulder? She turns away and disappears. Maybe we can get her to join us later.

  3. Elizabeth H.

    OMG!!! Questions…Okay, you probably won’t be able to answer this but, will Kara be found in A Love Untamed??

  4. Kimberley C

    Hi Pamela..thanks for the invite. Hope I can keep up, internet is kinda iffy today.
    I love your books and always look forward for the next one to come out!

    1. Joelle

      No matter how many there are, I will be with you! I’m so glad that I found them. Definitely have become my favorites!

  5. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Zeeland curved his arm around the woman’s shoulders and pulled her close. “I’d like you to meet my mate, Julianne.”
    Fox smiled. He’d heard Zee had taken a mate, a young beauty from one of the Washington, D.C. area enclaves. “So this is Julianne.” He took the woman’s hand and lifted it to his lips in a gallant, old-world gesture, enjoying the freedom to charm, knowing he’d never turn her head. Mating bonds were solid.
    “Did Zeeland mention me?” Julianne’s smile was at once surprised, shy, and delighted, charming him in return.
    “Only when he was in his cups, and then he droned on and on about the beauteous Julianne, his sunshine, too young, etc., etc.” He winked at her. “I take it you are no longer too young.”
    “I’m not.” She cut Zee a smile laced with exasperation. “I haven’t been for five years.”
    “Five years?” Fox’s gaze went from one to the other. “He didn’t tell me that.”
    “I was an idiot,” Zeeland said pulling Julianne closer. “But she’s mine now and I’m never leaving her again.” The look that passed between the pair was filled with such a depth of tenderness that Fox almost felt compelled to look away. Another fool risking all for love.
    “So,” Fox said, breaking the spell. “What brings you here?”
    Both Zee’s and Julianne’s expressions changed, rippling with a tension that surprised him.

  6. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Feral book 8, Grizz’s book, has a tentative release date of late February 2014. And, Gloria, glad you liked Vamp City book 1! I’m finishing up revisions on book 2 and it’ll be out late June. A Kiss of Blood!

    1. Sue

      2014?!?!?!?!? Aw, man! That is way too long to wait! I’ll be going through some serious withdrawls by then!!!!! 😉

  7. margie subia

    hopefully they wont end soon, i just love all the feral and im looking foward to those yet to come, also looking foward to vamp book 2

  8. Destiny

    I love all the books and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Of course then I will just be as excited in waiting for the one after and so on.:)

  9. Elizabeth H.

    I gotta tell ya, when I read what happened to Kara at the end of Hawke’s book, I about fell out of my chair! I hope she’s okay!

  10. Sophie T

    I love the teasers! MORE! MORE! :))
    Khmm, anyway, do we get to see the other erals as well in A Love Untamed? ( Not that I wouldn’t love lots and lots of “Fox time” ) 😉

  11. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Back to Feral House!

    We climb the stairs and walk down the long hallway to the room Kara stayed in when she first came to Feral House, the Radiant’s bedchamber. Hawke’s standing just outside the door, his expression friendly. Faith…Falkyn…is at his side and he has his hand on her shoulder.

    Faith’s grinning. “I’m so happy you’re all here! We’ve been waiting for you.” She gives me a great big hug and turns to hug you. Hawke smiles and does the same. A real Feral hug. Isn’t he wonderful?

    We follow Faith into the room and everything’s ready. There’s a crackling fire in the hearth that’s just beautiful, and cups of warm cider already poured on one of the tables set up in front of the window. On another table are piles of cookies and brownies that smell heavenly. And on a third, a dozen bottles of wine. Delaney and Skye are sitting cross-legged on the bed, each with a cup of cider. Olivia’s filling a plate with brownies. All three are in flannel pajamas with fuzzy slippers. Skye’s pink jammies have puppies and kittens running wild across them.

    Olivia looks up as we enter and smiles. “Grab a plate and join us!”

  12. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Foxy? the jaguar shifter prompted, telegraphing his thoughts to all of them.
    As she watched, Fox closed his eyes, began to sparkle, then disappeared. In his place stood a huge fox, the size of a Great Dane, with glorious red fur, black legs, and a face that was far too engaging.
    Might want to downsize it a bit, Foxylocks. Don’t want to scare the humans if we run across any. Even as Jag spoke, he shrank himself to the size of a jaguar-shaped housecat.
    Feck. Give me a minute. I still haven’t gotten the hang of this.
    Melisande found herself biting back a smile, which was a novel experience.
    Slowly, the fox began to shrink.
    That’s it, Jag coaxed. A little more. It’s harder than it looks. It took me several years to get the hang of it. You’re a natural. There,” he said when the fox looked just about right. That’s enough.
    But Fox apparently wasn’t any more adept at turning off the sizing than turning it on because he just kept shrinking. Bloody hell, I’m the size of a squirrel.

  13. Alaina

    I confess, im not wearing Pjs… but i could pretend!! i just got a leopard print onesy as an early christmas present! lol

    1. Lisa

      At the last slumber party, you said you were thinking about a book/novella for Pink. Any plans in the works??? *crosses fingers hoping*

  14. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Margie’s question: will you ever do a short story on the feral that already have a book out,about how they are doing now.

    I might! I might also write the story of Kougar and Ariana’s first meeting, a thousand years ago. Anything is possible, but nothing’s currently in the works.

    1. Kelly Lynn Benson

      I would love to hear Kougar and Ariana’s story…. but it would be also to catch up with the other guys too

  15. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Joelle’s Question: Do you have other books planned besides our sexy Ferals and Vamp City?

    Not at the moment. The Ferals and vamps are keeping me busy! 😉 But I do have a Vamp City novella coming out in February in the Vampires Gone Wild anthology I’m doing with Kerrelyn Sparks and two others.

  16. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Lisa’s question: At the last slumber party, you said you were thinking about a book/novella for Pink. Any plans in the works??? *crosses fingers hoping*

    So many people have asked me about Pink! 🙂 No, not yet. But I may have to give her a story of some kind. What do you guys think?

  17. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Elizabeth asks: Will we ever find out more about the Shaman and his past run in’s with the Mage that stunted his growth?

    I hadn’t thought about giving the Shaman a story. That’s a possibility!

  18. Pamela Palmer Post author

    It looks like we have company! Of the Feral kind. Jag and Fox are standing in the doorway eyeing the lot of us.
    “Flannel pajamas,” Jag says mournfully. “Who goes to an orgy in flannel pajamas?”
    “It’s not an orgy, Jag,” Delaney says with a laugh. “And it’s too cold for anything skimpier.”
    Jag shakes his head. “Next time, host this thing in the summer.”
    Amusement dances in Fox’s eyes. “I rather like flannel, boyo. It feels good beneath my hands. Soft. Warm…”
    “Grab your cookies, then out, you two.” Olivia makes shooing motions with her hands. “And see if you can get some of the others to stop by.”
    “And Pink,” I add. “Everyone would love to say hello to Pink.”

    1. Lisa

      *looks at Jag* be glad I work a t-shirt and shorts… you’d be snow blind if I had worn my regular night wear!!! rofl

  19. Chatel C

    ok i got a question and dont mean to be a downer but is there a way that next time you do this it could be on a live chat or something. I cant keep up so I am leaving. Love all your books thanks for doing this for your fans. you are awesome. Good luck everyone

  20. Christina Turner

    Pamela! Quick writing question! Sorry I’m late, How long does it take you to finish a book? And how long does it take for you to edit it before you turn it into your editor?

    1. Sue

      It would be great except for the fact that he’s human and has a limited lifespan. It wouldn’t be fair for her to fall in love and then to lose him to old age.

  21. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Christina asks, Pamela! Quick writing question! Sorry I’m late, How long does it take you to finish a book? And how long does it take for you to edit it before you turn it into your editor?

    On average, it takes me 2 months to figure out the book, 6 weeks to write it, and 2 months to revise it (which includes time for my critiquers to read it).

    1. Joelle

      I love them all for different reasons but Jag is closest to my heart — probably because he can be such a cocky ass! And Olivia is such a great match for him!

  22. Christina

    Wow! 6 weeks in writing! You are so talented. So each book is about 90k? So that’s. . . O.o lots of words a day. How many hours do you work a day on average? Sorry Jag, Fox, Olivia for ruining the party asking writing questions, but. . .I am so awed!

  23. Kimberley C

    I keep missing the trivia questions..have to refresh 3 times to get the new comments to show up – then the question and answers appear…LOL

  24. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Christina, when I’m laying down the first draft, I typically work anywhere from 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week if I can clear my schedule enough. By the time I start writing, I pretty much know the characters and the story well enough that the words flow.

  25. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Elizabeth asks: Will we ever find out why Kara was adopted and who her parents were, or if they are still alive??

    I actually wrote that scene, then wound up taking it out of Desire Untamed. It’s available for about 8 more days as part of the special e-book version of DU with Bonus Material for 99 cents. Check out my website for order links.

  26. Helen

    Whoo Hoo I have to say how much I am loving this series as I live in Australia it is Monday morning and I have to go to work 🙁

    Congrats on this series Pamela I wish I could stay

    Have Fun Everyone


  27. Christina

    Where’d you learn to write? To be so good? Any special courses, or does it just come to you? The characters want to be written?

  28. Pamela Palmer Post author

    I’m glad you decided to join us, pet. Fox’s voice caressed her mind as he took off after Jag.
    I’m not your pet.
    He chuckled in her mind. Aye. Are you anyone’s pet?
    No. Go away.
    That chuckle again. You intrigue me, little Ilina. So much spit and fire in such a pretty little package.
    Quit calling me little. I’m tall for an Ilina.
    Ah. This time the laughter was in his voice. That explains your not even reaching my shoulder.
    It’s not my fault you’re a hulking brute.
    The fox looked back at her, mouth closed, eyes intense. Inside her head, his voice turned soft, surprisingly serious. I’ll concede the hulking. Therian males tend to grow large. But I’m not a brute, pet. Never a brute. Except to my enemies.
    For a moment he was silent. Then the fox paused and swung his head back, watching her once more with those probing, serious eyes. Is your antipathy toward me specifically, Melisande, or toward all Ferals?
    Does it matter?
    Perhaps not, though it would be a salve to my battered ego if you said it was all shifters and not just me.
    There’s not enough salve in the world to cover your massive ego, she replied tartly.
    Now you seek to wound me. But the laughter was back in his voice.
    You’re still in my head.
    Aye. I’m thinking it may be the only way I’ll ever get inside of you.
    You’ve got that right. Now go. Away.

    1. Holly Collins

      Love it!!! I don’t know who made the comment but I too think that after reading his book it will be a tie between Lyon and Fox for favs.

  29. infinitieh

    I would like to shift into a large bird so that I can visit my family without having to deal with airplanes and the TSA.

  30. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “Where’d you learn to write? To be so good? Any special courses, or does it just come to you? The characters want to be written?”

    Thanks, Christina! The courses were all taught by other writers through my local and national RWA chapters (Romance Writers of America). Mostly, it took a lot of practice. I had no idea I wanted to be a writer until I was grown. But I’ve always had stories in my head.

    1. Elizabeth H.

      There were answer…the comments are going pretty fast! I am not sure I’ll be able to win! But it sure is fun trying!! LOL

  31. margie subia

    aww saw question too late , keep missing them, but i have to go now,life calls had a blast and pamela love your books and soo looking foward to reading fox’s have it preordered tghanks again for your stories just love them so much. have a nice day <3

      1. Kim Castillo (Pamela's assistant)

        We’re giving away 10 books. The first one went to Lisa who knew that Vhyper was in the foyer from one of Pamela’s first posts. There will be 9 trivia questions in all and then the grand prize winner will be chosen at random from everyone who has left a comment.

  32. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Don’t look now, but we have more Feral company, ladies!
    Tighe smiles, those dimples flashing, as he looks around the room.
    “Everyone having a good time?” he asks. His gaze falls on his wife and melts as she lifts her cider cup in toast to him.
    At your smiles and hellos, Wulfe’s eyes crinkle at the corners and a small smile hovers at the corners of his mouth. He fills the doorway and would have to duck if he wanted to enter the room to join us. But he doesn’t. Instead he turns away.
    “Enjoy yourselves,” Tighe tells us before following after Wulfe.

    1. Sue

      I think it would have to be Skye! I love animals (not just the Ferals! LOL!) and anyone with that kind of affinity for them would be fun to be around!

      1. Alaina

        hey i just read this – Lyon woke to find claw marks — the mark of a Feral Warrior — on his abdomen, just above his hip bone.

        are those a different kind of mark?

    1. Holly Collins

      I’m half way ready lol… still have about half the people on my list to shop for. But I still haven’t even decorated. :/

    2. Joelle

      I’m very lucky that my husband does most of the shopping. I just give my input. I try to do the wrapping at least but he’s been doing all that too!

    3. Gloria Bidmead

      Not ready! LOL I am doing the “moomy things” though. Did Christmas cookies with my little ones yesterday and a gingerbread house as I do this chat LOLOLOL

    4. Alaina

      Mostly done shopping.. have a few gifts left to send.. a couple more to buy.. most are wrapped and ready to go though

  33. Christina

    no way! Don’t say that. Lol totally not ready! Although I am making holiday cookies with my hot hubby right after this!

  34. Pamela Palmer Post author

    I have to turn in revisions on A Kiss of Blood (Vamp City 2) to my editor Friday. This is one of my few diversions between now and then. Thanks for giving me the break! 😉

    1. Kelly Lynn Benson

      You are the one that is giving us a wonderful holiday gift by inviting us to the party 🙂 Not to mention bring the MEN!!!

  35. Elizabeth H.

    I’m looking forward to Fox’s book the most because I gotta find out what’s up with Kara! Lyon must be going insane!

  36. Pamela Palmer Post author

    “You still can’t mist?” he asked, running a hand through his hair.
    “If I could, I wouldn’t still be here,” she snapped.
    He glanced at her, his expression turning wry. “If you could mist, would I still be here?”
    She cut her eyes at him, her temper sliding away. “Tempting as I might find it to be rid of you, Feral, no. I won’t leave you behind.”
    He smiled at her, a quick grin that lit up his face, stealing her breath, and sending the butterflies to flight in her chest. By the mist, his smile flipped her end over end, leaving her with no memory of which way was up.

    1. Alaina

      dang in the one synopsis it says – as Jag takes off in his mini-jaguar to have a look around…

      this kinda sucks! lol

  37. Glittergirl

    There is no way I’ll be ready this year. We will be having 2 funerals and 2 birthdays before Christmas this year…Both my parent’s passed within 3 weeks of each other after 66 years of marriage. It’s good they are together once again!

      1. Glittergirl

        It’s hard but OK. They were both suffering in different ways and kinda tag teaming me with Dr & emergency room visits. My life will finally be my own once again after we get through the estates and Medicaid claims…

    1. Joelle

      Well since I got my Kindle last year, I’m hoping for a big Amazon card to fill it with more of my favorite books!

    2. Amy Valentini

      Already got what I needed and wanted – a brand new computer – it’s so cool, like a laptop but a desktop and it’s soooo fast. Windows 8 though – very weird. Hubby is my Santa! xoxo : )

  38. Alaina

    ill probably get a gift card for books.. i order stuff for myself, and my bf and his parents steal them and hide them, and wrap them for me.. lol

  39. Glittergirl

    I’m looking for books and B&N Gift cards. It’s getting almost impossible to find ALL my new releases in mass market paperbacks in town anymore and I’m being forced to get them digital these days…alas 🙁

    Pamela and all, thanks for the prays and good wishes…It’s hard but OK. They were both suffering in different ways and kinda tag teaming me with Dr & emergency room visits. My life will finally be my own once again after we get through the estates and Medicaid claims…

    1. Kelly Lynn Benson

      If you get that…. Have your husband let my husband know how to get extra days. I could use a few here and there.

  40. Kelly Lynn Benson

    I am sooooo horrible at remembering to hit refresh more often…. and I am a slow typer. I am just glad to be invited to the party 🙂

  41. Pamela Palmer Post author

    As he fought and hacked, the vines curled around his torso, his arms, his hands, his neck, yanking him back, pulling him down until he was flat on his back, sealed to the cobbles like Gulliver in Lilliput. With a furious roar, he went feral, but neither his claws nor fangs could find purchase to cut at the vines.
    He managed, barely, to turn his head, to look at Melisande who was tied to the street as he was, not four feet away. In her eyes, he saw a raw terror that made him crazed…and that helped pull him down because, goddess, she needed him this time. She was struggling against the hold of the vines, her eyes bright with tears that were beginning to leak down into her hair.
    “Mel,” he said around the fangs still protruding from his mouth. He wanted to offer her comforting words and had none to give. They were caught, ripe for the slaughter.

  42. Genevieve

    Right now I am really wishing I had a fireplace. It is 14 degrees outside and covered in snow. There is only so much I can do with pj pants and slippers.

  43. Glittergirl

    Good luck gals, I haven’t read the series yet so I can’t answer. I’ve got them but I read them all at once with a series like this =)

  44. Joelle

    I’m in so much trouble for ditching my husband and making him go pick up our son — but Pamela and the Ferals are worth it!

  45. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Here they are!
    Jag brought Pink up to meet you! They’re standing in the doorway.
    “Welcome,” Pink says quietly.
    I’m proud of you guys. You welcome her warmly without gawking, which is a hard thing to do the first time you see her in the flesh…uh, feathers.
    Jag peers around the room as if searching for something. His face falls. “I was sure at least some of you would have gotten hot in all that flannel by now, and begun stripping it off. I’m going to go turn up the heat.”

    1. Kelly Lynn Benson

      Oh Pink… WELCOME…. Jag… We were waiting for you to help take OFF our fannels… At least I was waiting 😉

      1. Glittergirl

        Kim it’s great but make sure you add enough bread crumbs to keep it moist and eggs to keep it holding together. I use a combo of hamburger and pork sausage for a great flavor and texture =)

  46. Glittergirl

    Meatloaf is easy. Make it like us usually do. Slap it in the crock pot and slather it in catsup. Set on cook and come back 8 hours later. Done and it smells yummy =)

  47. Pamela Palmer Post author

    She trembled beneath his hands, the shadows of terror still in her eyes. A softness filled those sapphire depths suddenly, taking his breath away.
    Small hands pressed against his chest. “You saved me.”
    “Of course.” He cupped her soft cheek in his hand.
    The moment grew thick. The need to touch her, to taste her, nearly overwhelmed him. He lifted his other hand, framing her delicate face, watching for her surrender, waiting for her to pull away. Heat and confusion warred in her eyes, but when he lifted his thumb and stroked it lightly across her plump, pink bottom lip, her breath caught. And then she was reaching for his face as if to pull him down, and he was dipping his head.

    1. Deb W

      Thank you, both. Great job teasing us and over all entertaining us. Thanks to Pink and all the Ferals and their mates xoxoxo

  48. Glittergirl

    Pink do you use a crock pot? My swedish meatballs are easy and the guys would love them. They are a real crowd pleaser. You throw Costco meatballs in the pot. Top them with a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and a cup of sour cream. Set on cook and stir when you are ready to party =)

  49. Cindy

    Thank you for the party, fun, and teasers. And a big thank you to all of the Ferals & their wives for having us 🙂

  50. Pamela Palmer Post author

    Finally he returned to her, brushing against her hip with his side, delighted when her fingers dove into his fur, stroking him.
    Ah, that feels good, pet.
    “I’m thinking you’re the pet.”
    He grinned at her. Keep your hands on me like this and I’ll be whatever you want me to be.
    He tensed slightly, worried his words would drive her away after what happened in the windbreak, but the look she gave him was one of wry amusement and her hand continued to stroke him.
    “I like the feel of your fur. It’s incredibly soft.”
    Her hand moved to the top of his head and he pressed into her touch, loving it.

  51. Kimberley C

    thanks for the great time. I enjoyed meeting the guys and their wives…especially enjoyed meeting Pink…give her a hug from me.