The Winners of my March Contest are…

April 10, 2012 · 1 Comment

Congratulations to the winners of my March contest who correctly answered that in Warrior Rising, Princess Ilaria needs the draggon stone in order to remove death marks. All three winners will receive a signed copy of the first two books in my Esri series, The Dark Gate and Dark Deceiver.


Christa B. of Kelowna, British Columbia

Stacie D. of Seattle, Washington

Natasha D. of Pocahontas, Illinois


Don’t forget to visit my Luck page for my latest contest!

One thought on “The Winners of my March Contest are…

  1. Christa

    THANK YOU so much! I just got my package this morning in the mail and what a wonderful suprise! I’m looking forward to my lunch break today so I can start reading The Dark Gate!
    I love your writing and am so grateful for what you do for your readers 🙂


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