Who is Pamela Montgomerie?

Pamela Montgomerie is the pseudonym I took for my time travels back in 2007 when I first sold them to Berkley Sensation. After struggling to make my first sale, as many authors do, I sold to three publishers—Avon, Berkley, and Harlequin—very quickly, the first two almost simultaneously. My editors didn’t like the idea of having to schedule their Pamela Palmer books around one another, so requested I take a second name. Since the time travels are primarily historical set, and the other series were contemporary paranormals, it made sense for the Berkley books—Sapphire Dream and Amethyst Destiny to get the pseudonym. I was fine with it at the time, and chose a family name from my Scottish ancestors—Montgomerie. But being two people at once is just as hard and confusing as it sounds. And now that the books are back in my hands, I’m rereleasing them under my primary name, Pamela Palmer.

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