Book Tour details and new Wulfe Teaser

December 28, 2013 · 15 Comments

The following is the list of cities I’ll be visiting with Jeaniene Frost as we both celebrate the final books in our respective series: Wulfe Untamed and Up From the Grave. Both books release January 28th. Hope to see you!

January 30th: Barnes and Noble in Cary, NC  at 7pm

January 31st: Laurelwood Books in Memphis, TN at 6:30pm

February 1st: Joseph Beth Book in Lexington, KY at 7pm

February 2nd: Books and Co. in Dayton, OH at 2pm

February 4th: Barnes and Noble in Homestead, PA at 7pm

February 15th: Turn The Page book store in Boonsboro, MD at 12pm. Group author signing includes Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Sylvia Day, Jaci Burton, Jeaniene Frost, Pamela Palmer, Stephanie Draven, and more.

In addition, here’s a new teaser from Wulfe Untamed, the final book in the current Feral Warriors story arc.

WulfeUntamed mm c“How many of you did I meet on my first visit here?” Natalie asked as she started up the stairs, Wulfe close behind. “I got the feeling Hawke, Fox, and Falkyn were all meeting me for the first time.”

“They were. None of them were here last time. The only ones you met were Lyon and his mate, Kara, and Paenther, Jag, and me.”

“Because you kept us in the prisons.”

“Yes. You were unconscious most of that time. We figured the less you saw and learned, the easier it would be to take your memories later.”

She stiffened at the implications of that. “How difficult will it be to take my memories this time?” He clearly wasn’t minimizing what she was seeing … or learning.

“Natalie,” he said quietly behind her.

She stopped and turned to him, only a single step between them.

He met her gaze, his eyes at once soft and fierce. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

They’d both heard Lyon. Wulfe knew as well as she did that her life hung in the balance.

“I’m not,” he repeated quietly, his gaze like steel, ordering her to believe him.

Warmth fluttered in her chest on wings of a rising affection for this honorable, enigmatic man. An unruly lock of hair hung across his forehead and her hand itched to reach for it, to brush it back, to touch him again as his words and actions touched her over and over. But he hadn’t welcomed her kiss to his cheek, and she feared he wouldn’t welcome her touch.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, revealing her growing affection with a smile instead.

An answering warmth flared in his eyes, his own endearing smile making a small, quick appearance, filling her with a sharp and unexpected joy. With the soft lamplight half illuminating, half shadowing his face, his scars faded to nothing, and the raw male beauty of the man all but took her breath away. His was a strong face, strong-boned, in perfect counterpoint to the body upon which it was attached. His warm, masculine scent wafted over her, pleasing her, drawing her, turning her body soft and warm with wanting. The heat that licked inside her startled her, setting her pulse to flight. And he saw it. She could see the awareness in his eyes. And the disappointment.

Cheeks heating, Natalie turned and resumed the climb, dismayed and embarrassed, because it was clear Wulfe didn’t feel the same. It wasn’t right that she felt anything for this man when she’d been engaged to another just this morning. But Wulfe called to places inside her that Rick never had, places in her heart, in her mind, that were beginning to awaken and unfurl. Places so deep, so new and untouched, that their awakening scared her on a primitive level. If she wasn’t careful, Wulfe, despite his promises to never hurt her, would. Without ever meaning to.




15 thoughts on “Book Tour details and new Wulfe Teaser

  1. Anita H.

    Hi Pamela! Thanks for the teaser, I’m really looking forward to Wulfe’s book. Will there also be a blog tour for those of us who don’t live close enough to visit you on your book tour?

    1. Pamela Palmer Post author

      No bog tour, per se, but I will be doing at least one. I can write an 80 page novella in the same amount of time it takes me to write a 2 page blog post. (Not exactly, but if feels like it.) I’ll post the info when I have it!

  2. kat

    I have met you twice once at Laura Leigh’s RAW in 2012 and when you came to her book club in Oct 2012. I am looking forward to seeing you at The Turn the Page book signing and having you sign Wulfe’s book. I live near Harper’s Ferry and have enjoyed the setting for your stories. I also liked the pictures you posted of the area. Will be there on the 15th.

  3. Barbara Golding

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Untamed Series. I hope you do consider giving a story to the other warriers but know that it may take some time. I have enjoyed rereading the series so far. Best of luck and thanks for your creativity.

  4. Munchkin

    Was wonderful to see you last night. The signing was a different experience than when i got to see you at Turn the Page. I really enjoyed the personal atmosphere and loved hearing insights into your writing and the discussion about covers. You were gracious and engaging with the audience. I love your Vamp City novels and now my Untamed collection is just missing two 😉 thanks again, Carol Anne
    PS enjoy your last tour stop on Feb 15 at Turn the Page 😉


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